Build Prosperous Communities

Native is a place to create and participate in community based economies. We enable communities to realize their inherent value through unique community currencies and collective decision making tools.

We provide a range of templates which suit various types of Communities’ needs to ensure that even those with limited economic and technical knowledge can participate in these emerging financial ecosystems.

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Native is a collective of Communities comprised of Curators and Members. Communities are govenerned by their members who make decisions about how to best achieve the Community's goals. Native is an anti-rivalrous ecosystem - when one Community grows, all Communities benefit.

Native Token

Native Token is the base currency of Native. It enables membership within Communities and encapsulates the network’s value. Native Token holders are liquidity providers and support the network through its continued growth and contributions from Communities.

Community Currency

Each Community has a Community Currency. When a Member joins a Community, they stake Native Tokens which generates the Community Currency at the fair market price. Membership deposits are allocated to the Community Fund and Reserve. The market cap of a Community Currency represents the community's total value.

Collective Decision Making

Each Community is provided with a set of tools which enable effective and transparent communication and decision making. Once proposed by Curators, Members vote on which Projects they would like to see funded. Additionally Votes and Tasks provide insight to a Community's interests and desire to work.

Community Fund

Each Community has a fund that grows as new Members join. The amount of Native Token in the Community Fund represents one component of the Community’s value. The Community can allocate these funds to be used for projects.

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Curators initiate Communities on Native. They have the idea for a new Community or are the designated administrator of an existing Community. Curators facitlitate the Community's efforts by adding relevant projects and votes to be reviewed by Community Members.



Members join Communities to participate in groups that resonate with their interests and goals. Membership deposits are used within the Community to fund projects voted on by the community.

As more Members join Communities, the value of the Community increases. This creates a unique structure that puts the members, opposed to leaders, in control.
Art Communities
Energy Communities
Syndication Communities

Art Communities

Art Communities enable the creative process for individuals or groups who do not have immediate access to capital. Artists thrive when they are connected to their audience and can focus on their craft. A Native Community focused on supporting artists can be structured to ensure that a collective artists receive the funding they need to focus on what they love.

  • 1 Accessible funding for artists
  • 2 Members can vote on how to best support each other
  • 3 Access to exclusive member events and products

Energy Communities

Energy Communities can be designed to create impact and cost savings for products in the energy sector. Native can provide alternative funding solutions for local communities to acquire and utilize more sustainable methods of energy consumption. The Community Currency can also be leverages to return savings back to Members.

  • 1 Enable new opportunities for local energy related initiatives
  • 2 Involve community in clean energy projects
  • 3 Incentivize users to have lower and cleaner energy consumption

Syndication Communities

Syndicates enable people come together to allocate a common pool of funds towards a common goal. These Communities can streamline decision making around how to allocate capital. Additionally votes can be used to determine how decisions will be made.

  • 1 Raise capital and make collective decisions
  • 2 Assign tasks to Members to analyze prospective investments
  • 3 More transparent investments and engaged members



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